It’s totally fine to change your sheets & bedding with every season. In fact, we encourage it!

Changing your bedding sets is a super simple way of refreshing your entire room and getting you ready for the change of weather. Summery bed sets tend to have brighter colours and lighter materials, meaning your room will both look and feel airier.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite summer bedding patterns for your perusal. Happy decorating!

1. Enzo Bedding Collection by Christy
This 100% cotton bed set is a subtle way to bring summer into your home by using a watercolour-style floral print.

2. Zinnia Bedding Collection by Bluebellgray
A bolder floral approach, this 100% cotton sateen duvet cover set is hiding a bold striped sheet set underneath! A great option for a more eclectic decor style.

3. Lumia Bedding Collection by Croscill
This duvet cover is reversible, giving you two great options for your summer bedding that bring some greenery into your coziest space.

4. Iva Bedding Collection by Esprit
If you’re less into florals, these colourful stripes are a great choice. The colours are bold, yet subdued - almost as if you’re watching the sunset over a beach. It can’t get much more summery than that!

5. Splash Bedding Collection
Go for a slightly darker look with this 100% cotton duvet cover set. The floral pattern is great for summer with its orange and seafoam undertones.

6. Sweet Pea Bedding Collection by Bluebellgray
This pretty pink bed set is another summer favourite of ours. The matching pink striped sheets are a great burst of colour against the light pastel florals.

7. Mia Bedding Collection by Ink & Ivy
This 100% cotton bedding collection is a fun mix of patterns and textures without going overboard on the colours. A great choice for a boho style bedroom or a room that has a more minimalist touch. This summery bed set can work either way!

8. Pedro Duvet Cover Set by Bluebellgray
Big, bold, bright, and totally representative of summer! This abstract watercolour bed set is sure to splash some colour in your room this season.