While popsicle stick art and finger painted masterpieces were acceptable Mother’s Day gifts as a child, it can be a bit more challenging as an adult to find the perfect gift with the same heartfelt meaning as your childhood creations. With that said, we’re pretty confident that we’ve rounded up several Mother’s Day gift options that will rival any classroom project from grade school. Categorized by style, we’ve included gifts for every type of Mom, whether she prefer a sleek modern jewelry box or a bread basket to compliment her traditional farmhouse kitchen. Add a special touch like a personal note or a vase filled with her favorite flowers in addition to your gift, to add a personalized element to your gift.

Feminine Gifts
1. Kate Spade Picture Frame 2. Decorative Cushion 3. Kate Spade Jewelry Box 4. Decorative Gold Leaf 5. Heart Ring Dish 6. Lampe Berger Cube 7. Microfiber Robe 8. Kate Spade Vase

Modern Gifts
1. Wine Rack 2. Canteen Bottle 3. Prisma Jewelry Stand 4. Retro Mini Radio 5. Jewelry Box 6. Candleholders 7. Magnolia Ring Holder

Traditional Gifts
1. Bread Basket 2. Butcher Board 3. Cheese Markers 4. Glasses 5. Butter Dish 6. Serving Tray 7. Herbs in Wooden Crate 8. Conserva Serveware