The right pillow can make all the difference in the world when it comes to getting a good night's sleep... but with so many options, how do you pick the perfect one for you?

Let's break it down:

How Do You Sleep?
For stomach sleepers: A soft and low profile pillow is ideal (almost flat).

For back sleepers: A medium pillow with a medium profile is the best option.

For side sleepers: Choose a firm and high profile pillow to avoid neck pain.Pillows

The Fill
Feathers and down: Pillows filled with feathers or down are softer and puffier. The quantity of down or feathers makes the difference. And the more there are, the better.

Polyester: Pillows filled with polyester fibers are durable and inexpensive. They are easily washable and are a good option for sensitive or allergy prone people.

Silk: Silk pillows are breathable, lightweight and will fit to your neck morphology. They are an excellent option for summer months.

Memory foam: These pillows are firm and mould perfectly to the shape of your head and neck for remarkable support. Tempur-Pedic pillows are made of memory foam.

Gel: Draws heat away from your body for a cool feeling. The larger open cell structure works in harmony with the ventilation perforations to dissipate heat and moisture to keep you comfortable all night long.

Replace Your Pillow
Want to know if it's time to replace your pillow? Consider the following:
1) How do you feel when you wake up? Do you have neck pain?

2) Examine your pillow. Does it have bumps and lumps?

3) How old is your pillow? Over time, dead skin, dust mites and other allergens can accumulate on your pillow. Replacing your pillow every 3-5 years will keep it fresh and allergen-free!

4) Fold it in half down the middle and if it doesn't immediately spring back, it's time to replace it!