From stocking on supplies to getting snack time ready, the school year provides a lot of things that parents and students alike must keep track of. If your head is already spinning at the thought of the messy back to school season, you’re in luck: keeping organized doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some quick tips so you can get an A+ in back-to-school organizing this year.

1) Organize the Backpack Station

When we think of back-to-school organizing, the mind immediately jumps to things like homework and workspace. But don’t neglect your entryway—at the end of a long school day, it can quickly become a mess. Organize a “backpack station” where kids can drop off their daily essentials in a quick (but organized) way.

First, have a hanger for hanging coats or even the backpacks themselves. This flip hook hanger is great for setting a specific number of hooks according to your needs. Next, have a comfy bench to sit at for putting shoes on or taking them off. Include a nearby shoe rack under the bench that can hold shoes or bags. Finally, consider hanging a memo board near the door to jot down schedules or daily agendas that can be checked upon entering or leaving the home.

2) Refuel at the Snack Station

The kids will be hungry at home, so making a snack station helps you offer specific portions without making a mess. First, lay down a tray to keep the snack station relatively contained—we love this bamboo serving tray, for example. Include some glasses with a pitcher for the kids to drink from. Having a beverage dispenser on the island or counter close to the snack station is a great way to quench thirst quickly.

3) Finally, Make a Homework Station

One of the biggest challenges with schoolwork is keeping supplies and necessities organized. A school supply caddy close to where your kids do their homework is a must. Imagine: your child needs art supplies for a project due tomorrow, so now you have to scramble off to the store and hope they’re in stock. How does one avoid this? By stocking up on school supplies beforehand!

Gather different bins or containers you can use to organize supplies. Suggested groupings include:

  • Pencils
  • Pens
  • Adhesives (glue and tape)
  • Markers and crayons
  • Misc. (scissors, pencil sharpeners)

Keep the bins and containers labeled so everything can be kept in its rightful place. You can check out more of our tips for designing and maintaining a homework station here.