Redecorating your room is a great way to get yourself energized before the new school year. From tidying up and decluttering to dusting off your work space, the look and feel of your room will greatly affect your mental and creative output moving forward. Whether you’re staying in a dorm or are trying to freshen up your bedroom at home, here are some tips for redecorating for the new school year.

1) Hang Some Art

Adding art to a room is a great way to refresh the space. If you’re living in a dorm room, art is a great way to make the room feel like your own—but be careful, since you might not be able to hang wall art with nails. In that case, invest in easily-removable posters, frames you can place on a desk or windowsill, or figurines.

If you’re not in a dorm, go wild! Look for art that’s inspiring and motivational to help you get in a positive mood for the new school year. This letterboard from Abbott is a fun way to leave a motivational message for yourself when the going gets tough. Check out more of our wall décor here.

2) Make the Workspace Fun

If your bedroom includes a desk or workspace, it’s time to put the fun in functional. Do away with drab storage containers and switch to cute, fun storage options instead. This spindle storage box is perfect for holding and organizing stray supplies or tools of the trade for school. If you’re looking for something patterned, this decorative storage box is perfect for bookish students.

A chalkboard is another great addition for a workspace, allowing you to jot notes or even make a quick doodle to beautify the space. Use chalkboard paint to transform any wall, or simply add in a small chalkboard easel for the desktop. Your desk should also have some good spot-lighting, but don’t settle for any old lamp. Again, try a look that’s fun and interesting. After all, inspiration takes the form of a light bulb. This Beacon table lamp is whimsical yet sophisticated—perfect for a back-to-school look.

3) Grow Some Plants

If you’re in a dorm, a nice set of plants makes for a good alternative to owning a pet. If you aren’t in a dorm, plants are still a great way to upgrade your bedroom décor. Caring for plants is also a meditative practice, allowing you to centre yourself when things get busy or your mind is cloudy. A succulent garden is an easy set of plants to care for, no green thumb required. If you’re a little more daring, fill a cute, patterned pot like this one with your favourite plant.

4) Clean Out the Closet

While it’s not necessarily a decorative tip, it’s a good idea to clean and organize your closet to get ready for the school year. A cluttered room is a cluttered mind, so step back, organize, and make some room for your back-to-school outfits! Need some tips on how to organize your closet? We’ve got you covered.