As the weather gets warmer it’s a fun time to start having date nights outside. Keep socially distanced from others and enjoy a romantic date with these date night ideas that aren’t your typical dinner and a movie. 

Have a Picnic 
Put together a basket of your favourite foods, or support a local restaurant and order takeout. Then find a secluded spot in the park or even in your own backyard. Get a cozy blanket and enjoy a romantic picnic. 

LC TIP: for an ultra sustainable picnic pack food items in reusable containers, and bring your own reusable dishes and cutlery. Make sure you pick up and properly dispose of any trash you create while out and about. 

Go on a Hike (or Walk)
Explore nature with a hike or a walk outdoors. You will get to enjoy the outdoors while also enjoying the company of your date. Pick a sparsely populated area and remember to bring your masks in case you see others out and about! 

Have a Backyard Wine Tasting
Missing wine tasting and being in the vineyard? Bring the vineyard home with you! Buy your favourite wines or try some new varietals and have an at-home wine tasting in your backyard (or even on your balcony or patio.) Make a nice charcuterie board, play some music and relax. 

Do a Workout
Get some exercise and have some fun with a couples workout. Try something like a bike ride, a virtual dance class, at-home yoga, or even a fitness challenge. You’ll get your blood pumping and enjoy a few laughs along the way. Cool down with a delicious smoothie or a nice meal. 

Get Creative
Pick a medium like clay or watercolour and try your hand at making something. Make each other a gift or make something together. Even if neither of you is very good you’ll have fun and maybe even a new piece of art for the house!