Spring seems to finally have arrived and as the flowers begin to bloom, it's nice to enjoy those rare and short-lived Spring moments outside. A picnic may be the perfect way to do that, and you can have one just about anywhere, even your own backyard!

1) Rustic Charm
This may be an elaborate picnic, but for a special occasion or even for a fun picnic party, this is a lovely option that is sure to impress your guests! Use any wooden crates you might have around your house as hard surfaces to put food and drinks on, or even consider using regular boxes and covering them up with blankets or tablecloths for a real soft and textured look. You'll need some pillows, a variety of surfaces and warm wooden accents for this one!


- Bamboo Breakfast Tray
- Giara Bottle (available in 4 colours)
- Faux Silk Cushions
- Wood Salad Bowl

2) Wine and Cheese
Wine and cheese is a great choice for any time of year, so why not enjoy them both outdoors? This one might have to stay in the backyard if you want to enjoy the wine, but there's always the option to just take some yummy juice with you to a local park. You'll need: cute (plastic) glasses, a cozy blanket, a bottle opener and a cheese plate to make this extra chic!

- Cheese Serving Set
- Clear Goblet
- Reversible Throw
- Cheese Serving Board

3) Colourful and Fun
There is no shortage of fun at this picnic! Colour makes this picnic feel like Spring is blooming right where you sit, and there's nothing wrong with that! Bring some acrylic dishes with you and you can enjoy an easy meal for lots of people literally anywhere you like! You'll need: colourful blankets, acrylic dishes, something to keep your drinks cool and a pillow or two for that nap you're going to need!


- Cable Knit Blankets
- Neon Water Bottle
- Vonn Cushion (3 colours available)
- Ice Bag

Which of the 3 styled picnics would you enjoy the most? Let us know in the comments below :)