Start your weekend the right way with a homemade brunch! No need to wait in long lines or pay a fortune for scrambled eggs, when you can have the absolutely best morning meal right at home.

A delicious brunch is the best way to set the pace of the rest of your day, so we’ve rounded up a few ways to step up your brunch game.

1) Keep It Simple
A good brunch is often a simple brunch. You don’t need to make a hollandaise sauce from scratch or learn how to make quiches in order to make a delicious meal. Keep it simple, and you’ll often get the absolute best results. Brunch is best when it is sweet and salty, so plan for some items to be hearty (like eggs and sausages) and sugary (like waffles). A mix of the two will satisfy any morning food cravings!

2) Top Up to the Max
A simple brunch base can make room for some excellent toppings! After using your waffle maker to bake the perfect fluffy waffles, you can load up on savoury, salty, or sweet ingredients. You can indulge with peanut butter, maple syrup, whipped cream, and jams. Or you can choose to load it up with eggs, bacon and cheese. For some less indulgent but equally delicious options, add greek yogurt, almond butter, cut up fruit, or avocado. No matter what you choose, your homemade waffle is destined to be scrumptious!

3) Savour Your Coffee
It’s time to be a coffee snob. After creating a fantastic brunch, you owe it to yourself to have a nice cup of coffee. Skip the instant coffee that’s reserved for morning rushes, and head straight for the pour-over, the stovetop, or the French press. Have a machine that can make cappuccinos? Now is the time for it to shine! Don’t let your cup of coffee be an after-thought. You’ll be glad you didn’t settle.

4) Put Your Phone Down
Whether you’re eating brunch by yourself or you’ve spoiled your partner with a feast, make sure to put down your phone. Grab the newspaper, put on a podcast, plan the rest of your weekend, or talk about your week. Let your phone charge while you fully enjoy the deliciousness of the meal and your surrounding company.
Bon Appétit!