Baby, it's cold outside! What better way to warm up than with a delicious cocktail? We decided to team up with Montreal's classic bar, The Emerald (also known as le Bar Sans Nom), to bring you 3 holiday inspired drinks. From mulled wine to hot buttered rum, these drinks are sure to hit the spot! Watch the video to see how it's done and get all the recipes below:

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8 oz of red wine
2 1/2 oz of spiced syrup
1 oz of dark rum
Cinnamon sticks
Half a slice of orange

1. Preheat a teapot.
2. Mix all liquids in a stainless jar.
3. Heat with a steam outlet (like the one used on some espresso makers).
4. Empty the teapot and pour the mulled wine.
5. Add half a slice of orange, a cinnamon stick and three cloves in each mug.

2 oz of dark rum
3 oz of water
1 teaspoon of salted butter

1. Preheat a cup that could be used for Irish Coffees or an Old Fashioned glass.
2. Mix all liquids in a stainless jar.
3. Heat with a steam outlet (like the one used on some espresso makers).
4. Pour in a hot mug.
5. Add the salted butter on the hot liquid.
6. Grate fresh nutmeg on the butter.

2 oz of gin
1/2 oz of Maraschino liqueur
1/4 oz of Parfait d'amour
1/2 lime

1. Mix all ingredients in a glass.
2. Fill it with ice and shake for about 10 seconds.
3. Filter in a cocktail glass (Marie-Antoinette).
4. Garnish with a Morello cherry (sour cherry).

Q&A with The Emerald
(Joseph Heskia & Vanessa Benaroch - Owners)

1. Describe your story in 2-3 sentences (how you got into the industry and why)
Fifteen years ago I started as a night club promoter, for me it was a medium of creativity. I opened my first establishment 5 years later in 2004 “the Mansion/le Manoir” names given by the public (also not meant to have a name).

The objective with this new venture, The Emerald was to create a timeless institution which does not fall in the hype, trends and fashions of Montreal.

2. What has been your most memorable work experience thus far?
Being in a business where we meet interesting and influential people.

3. Why do people call your bar, No Name?
Because we opened with no name...

4. What's the #1 tool/gadget you can't live without at the bar?
Paper and pen.

5. Red or white wine?
Red for both of us.


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