Have you spent more time in your kitchen in the last few weeks than you have all year? You’re not alone. With the inability to head to restaurants and the decline of food delivery options, people are spending more time cooking.

If you’ve gone from knowing the delivery man’s name to finding yourself with a full fridge, it’s time to improve your kitchen accessories.

Here are 4 kitchen items that will revolutionize your cooking by making it easier to cook and tastier to eat!

1. Sharp Knives
There is nothing that will increase the joy of cooking like owning a good cutting knife. A set of sharp knives is an absolute kitchen must-have if you plan on cooking anything at all. If you own a block of cheap knives or it’s been a long time since they were last sharpened, it’s time to consider upgrading. A sharp knife makes everything significantly easier to prepare and you won’t know the elation of using a sharp knife until you experience the difference for yourself. Trust us, this is a worthwhile investment.

Recommendation: Knife set from Zwilling J.A. Henkels (splurge) or knife set from Cuisinart (budget)

2. Solid Cutting Board
Stop using your old cutting boards. If they all have knife marks in them or are stained from years of food, it’s time to make the switch. Order yourself a nice thick cutting board that will stay stable on your counter and get the job done in the easiest, least messy way possible. It will also instantly make you feel like a master chef!

Recommendation: CL Cuisiluxe Al-Dente Cutting Board

3. Recipe Book Holder
If you’re tired of making the same meals over and over again, this one is for you. Recipes come in all forms, from cookbooks to blogs to handwritten family secrets - so get yourself a place to put them while you’re cooking! A recipe book holder will save counter space while making it super easy to follow along with the ingredients and directions. You’ll have a few new favourite meals in no time!

Recommendation: Bamboo Recipe Book Holder or Ricardo Set of Knives with a built-in recipe holder

4. Oil Dispenser
Nothing beats a good quality cooking oil, so give it the home it deserves in a dedicated oil dispenser bottle. These bottles will keep the oil fresh while preventing any sloppy spills or messes down the side. As a bonus, it will also help you pour out or spray the right amount of oil required. No need to cover your pots and pans with a wasted layer of oil, when you can simply just spray what you need. It’s simple, it’s elegant, and it’s going up your oil game.

Recommendation: Trudeau Glass Oil Spray Bottle

Runner Ups:

5. Garlic press like the Masterlon Garlic Press

6. Slow cooker like the Ricardo Digital Slow Cooker

7. Meat thermometer like the Digital Cooking Thermometer by Ricardo

If you’re looking for something specific, check out our range of kitchen best sellers. Happy cooking!