Summer is the perfect time to dress up your table with fun, colourful dinnerware. Adding a pop of colour to your table is a great way to set the mood of a dinner and make the table feel more welcoming and inviting. Fun summer dinnerware can be used for both indoor dining and outdoor dining! Here are some tips for styling your summer table as well as a roundup of fun summer dinnerware to add to your collection this summer.

Pick a Theme or Color Palette
Styling a summer table is all about the colours. Pick a theme or a colour palette to get you started. Some good summer themes include nautical, topical, and fiesta. During the summer months, you can really work with any colours you choose. To make it feel more fun and festive, stick to bright tones like those found in a rainbow. If you want something more sophisticated and classic, stick to whites, beiges, olive tones and other neutrals with pops of black. 

Pair with Coordinating Glassware & Utensils
Now that you’ve set the tone for the event, it’s time to pair your fun summer dishes with coordinating glassware and utensils. You can always go with classic clear glasses and silver cutlery as a safe option. If you want to dress things up a little, try doing glassware that coordinates with one of the accent colours in your dinnerware, or even doing multiple glassware colours for an eclectic vibe. Try different utensils like gold, black or bamboo. 

Add Some Florals and Greenery
Top off your table with some fresh cut flowers and greens to bring it to life. Floral and greenery look great in vases on the table or layered artfully to create a runner of sorts down the centre. Play with your pieces until it feels right. Just don’t forget to leave room for food and drinks!


  1. Tropical Aqua 12-Piece Dinnerware Set
  2. Pacific Dinnerware Sets by Royal Doulton
  3. Floral Coral 12-Piece Dinnerware Set
  4. Rhapsody Teal Dinnerware Collection
  5. Reef Dinnerware Collection by Maxwell & Williams
  6. Desert Mandala Dinnerware Collection