Back to school is coming up quickly, and that means the return to learning from home. If your kiddos are learning from home this fall, you’re going to want to stay productive and on track. Here are a few tips for kicking off the school year right and maintaining your productivity all year long.

Get Adequate Sleep - When learning is being done from home, it can be easy to let the kids roll out of bed right before class starts, or even sleep in yourself. Sleeping in can be very relaxing, but make sure the whole family is actually getting adequate sleep. Set bedtimes and wake up times for the entire family and stick to them on weeknights. This will help ensure everyone is getting their 8 hours and nobody is late for school or work.

Keep a Schedule - At home learning should be treated like in the classroom learning. Make sure your kids have a well thought out schedule to stick to. Incorporate things like outside time, snacks and free time so it’s not just school based. If you’ve got older kids or family working outside the home, it can be helpful to plan family dinners and other family time as well.

Get Outside - Make sure both you and the kids are getting fresh air and exercise each day. It will help them burn off some energy and it will help you reset and relax. Go for walks, bike rides or hikes to enjoy the outdoors. Want to stick close to home? Spend some time in your own backyard playing lawn games or just hanging out. 

Stay Hydrated & Eat Healthy - Keeping up good food and water intake will boost productivity in the whole family. Make sure everyone is staying hydrated by using reusable water bottles for the whole family. Limit sugar intake during the day, but keep kids fuelled with fruits, veggies and protein. Prepping meals and snacks on the weekend can be a huge timesaver while you’re busy during the week.

Make Learning Fun - Learning from home means that sometimes the lines between home and school get a little muddled. Kids might feel like they are always in learning mode and don’t have time to have fun. Make learning fun by incorporating things like reading and math challenges with prizes, or family field trips to learn more about things that interest them.