The holiday season is fast approaching, and there is nothing quite like getting your home prepped for the season. We know holiday decorating can be overwhelming, but if you get your decorating plan together now you can enjoy your decor all season long. Here are three easy steps you can follow to get started decorating for the Christmas season.

  1. Decorating the Christmas Tree

The focal point of many homes during the holidays is the Christmas tree. If you opt for a real Christmas tree during the holidays season, wait until about 4-6 weeks before Christmas so it stays nice and fresh. If you use a faux tree then it’s never too early to get it set up. 

Start your decorating by choosing a color scheme or theme for your tree. Then it’s time to string up the Christmas lights, add the ornaments, and top it off with some garlands. Garlands are great for filling sparse spots or adding some more color to your tree. Finish the look with a tree topper and tree skirt.

2. Decorating the House

Christmas decorations don’t have to stop with the tree. Put your whole home in the holiday spirit with seasonal decor for every room. Windows are a great place to start since they can be seen from outside. Try decorating your window ledge with small ornamental items like Christmas gnomes, Christmas window lights, candles and Christmas garland.

Another great place to add Christmas decor is doorways, archways and banisters. Try wrapping these areas in a Christmas garland or lights. Don’t forget to add a wreath to your front door to compliment your outside Christmas lights!

3. Incorporating Festive Fragrances

Once you’ve got the decorating done, it’s time to bring the Christmas spirit to your home through fragrances. Light up some scented candles, or try a holiday room spray. If you want to make it really cozy try baking up some Christmas cookies or a festive pie to fill your home with the scents of the season.