Wine and Cheese Matching with our Sequence plattersSpring and Summer days lead into long, warm nights, best spent outside with friends and family. Nothing complements an evening under the stars better than a glass of wine and a plate of delicious cheese. To help you take your cheese plates from ordinary to extraordinary, we’ve highlighted a few of our favourite wine and cheese pairings.

Salty & Sweet
A full-bodied blue balances beautifully with sweet dessert wines. Due to the contrasting nature of the flavours, salty cheese will heighten the sweet notes in the wine and allow even the boldest blue to transform with pairing perfection. Try Moscato or a Botrytis Riesling.

Creamy & Bubbly
Pairing a rich and creamy Camembert with the citrusy notes of light bubbles allows for great cut-through, creating a wonderful palate cleanser enticing you to take another bite. Try Champagne or a sparkling white.

Sharp & Acidic
Medium whites offer a great balance between acidity and fruitiness. Pair them with firmer cheeses to allow the subtleties of flavour to emerge. Try a dry Riesling with Manchego or a young Cheddar.

The subtle design of our Sequence Serving Platter Collection makes a versatile and interesting cheese plate. Add slices of fruit and handfuls of nuts to your cheese and crackers to create a perfectly balanced snack or light evening meal.