Flowers are more than just decoration: they carry symbolic meanings that often elude us. This spring, take it upon yourself to get to know your favourite flowers’ meanings. Whether you’re looking for the perfect flower to gift a friend or simply want to make an arrangement for the home, consult this list to find the right flower for any occasion.

  1. Anemone
    This beautiful flower, which features a deep purple pistil in its centre, has a rather bittersweet symbolic meaning. Symbolizing forsakenness, it might seem like an incredibly negative flower. But that’s only half the story: it also symbolizes anticipation, making it the perfect flower for those hoping to turn a bad situation around.
  2. Aster
    “Aster” is Latin for “star,” which matches the shape of this beautiful flower. The flower itself symbolizes patience and elegance; together, these qualities suggest wisdom. It sometimes suggests a love for variety, making it an excellent choice to include within a diverse bouquet.
  3. Black-Eyed Susan
    This popular flower has a symbolic meaning that’s equally common: justice! This makes it a great choice for apologies or gifting to someone who has been done wrong. You might also put the flower on display to signify your love for justice.
  4. Carnation
    A popular choice for valentines, carnations indicate love, pride and beauty. Pink carnations in particular symbolize love for a woman or mother, so be sure to include it in any Mother’s Day bouquet.
  5. Daffodil
    Perhaps the perfect springtime flower, daffodils symbolize rebirth and new beginnings. Whether you want to celebrate springtime’s liveliness or console a friend with a “Get Well Soon” arrangement, daffodils are a smart and joyful choice.
  6. Daisy
    Few flowers are as common as daisies. With a fashionable but subdued look, it might not surprise you that they symbolize innocence and purity. No wonder it’s such a popular name!
  7. Hyacinth
    These beautifully shaped, colourful flowers symbolize playfulness. But there is a caveat: they specifically highlight rashness. It’s the perfect flower for the daring and adventurous loved ones in your life.
  8. Iris
    Another flower that doubles as a popular name, iris indicates eloquence and wisdom. This suits the flower’s graceful shape, which is a welcome addition to any garden.
  9. Lilac
    Tiny lilac flowers bloom in beautiful bursts. These flowers symbolize confidence and youthful innocence. Surround yourself with them if you dare to be bold and idealistic.

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