With chargers, USBs, headphones and more, our desk space can get pretty tangled up in cords...and it ain't pretty. Luckily, there are products & tricks to help you clear those cords! (Or at least organize them).
1) Cabledrop Cable Clips: Great for those every day wires you use on & off but always want near by. (lots of colours, pack of 6, $8)

2. PowerCurl: Brought to you by Quirky, this little guy creates a nice cozy home for those big & chunky chargers. Both ends of the cord can wrap around the device allowing for quick & easy unraveling. (colours: blue & gray, $12.99)
3. Mini Hub: Keep your headphones tidy. Press the button to wind it up! (silver black, $19) These hubs are also available for USBs.
4. Cordies: Keep your cables on the table! These rubber grips keep your cords lined up & in place. Each slot can hold several cords and has a weighted base for stability. ($9.99)

5. Converge: Show your gadgets some love! Rest & recharge with this docking station that hides the wires as they recharge. (4 USB outlets, $39.99)

6. Pivot Power: This power strip charges up to 6 devices. It also pivots around furniture & hard to reach places. Finally every plug fits into an outlet!  ($29.99)

7. Plug Hub: Think people can't see all of those messy cords under your desk? They can.This under-desk management station organizes & hides your cords in a unit. ($24.99)

8. PowerDock 5: iPads, iPhones, iPods, iPad minis...the list is endless these days. This docking station gives you a place to store & charge up to 5 devices. ($99.99)
9. Bread Tags: Use them as labels & never forget which plug is which!
10. Paper Clips: Slide your wire through the silver handles & clip them to your table! Use larger clips if you have a thicker table.

Would you use any of these? Got any other tips? Let us know in the comments below!