We could all use better quality sleep, but not everyone is willing to try sleep aids that can lead to addiction or dependency. If you lie awake for hours in bed or are prone to low-quality sleep, consider a natural sleep aid: a friendly nightstand plant.

There are lots of plants whose scents promote deep sleep, many of which are easy to care for. We've picked out our top five, which vary in blooms, scents, hardiness and effectiveness. Find the one that's right for you and experience sleep like never before!

  1. Aloe Vera
    Aloe offers many household uses; from treating dry skin to healing cuts and burns, it's no surprise that this versatile plant can aid in sleep, too. Aloe pumps soothing oxygen into its environment, clearing the air and helping you calm down. As a bonus, it's pretty easy to take care of, too.
  2. Lavender
    Capable of lowering blood pressure, slowing down heart rate and reducing stress levels, a whiff of lavender is great for drifting off to sleep. If for whatever reason you can't get a lavender plant in the room, consider dabbing some lavender-scented essential oil on your pillowcase.
  3. Valerian
    A cure for insomnia from ancient times, smelling valerian root has helped generations of people fall naturally into a deep sleep. The plant requires full sunlight, so keep it by the window.
  4. Gardenia
    Gardenia blooms are not only beautiful, but have a sedating effect as well. The flower is so potent that some have ditched sleeping pills in favour of using gardenia instead. Simply place the plant on your nightstand and give it a sniff before bed. Beware, though--gardenia can be tough to care for and requires ample sunlight.
  5. English Ivy
    Requiring little light, English Ivy is a great plan to keep or hang by the bedside. It's been shown to help combat allergies and asthma, which makes it an essential sleep aid for those with breathing problems. And that's not all: it purifies the air of mold and airborne feces, too.


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