Dissatisfied with your cramped bedroom’s look? Don’t start browsing for a new place just yet; creating an illusion of space and depth is easy. With a handful of sneaky design hacks, you can instantly transform your small bedroom into a master suite. Here’s how to do it:

1) Start with a Big Mirror
Smoke and mirrors are a magician's best friend, and you can use at least one of those to pull off your own magic trick. Adding a mirror is the ultimate (and by far the easiest) way to create an illusion of space in your bedroom. This draws the eye and adds depth to the wall. 

2) Experiment with Height
Keep your furniture short and low to the ground. For example, you'll want to avoid tall chairs, tables and headboards. In extreme cases, you might even go without a bedframe altogether.

Likewise, leave more space between the ceiling and art. This creates an illusion of height.

Finally, window drapes should not touch the floor. If you like long, flowy drapes, simply tie them close to the bottom so they dangle well above the floor.

3) Declutter to Make the Room Less Cramped
The less you have in your bedroom, the bigger it will appear. Don't overcrowd your room with furniture, and combine storage and decor wherever possible. Examples include an attractive trunk or a bench that offers hidden storage.

4) Add a Shelving Unit & Keep It Organized
Free up space by stocking the shelves. Shelving units should be uniform in color and texture, and everything you place on them should be color coded. This gives a sense of coherence and unity.

Remember to keep everything organized! Decluttering is a small but simple way you can instantly make the bedroom look bigger, so keep everything in its proper place.

5) Repaint the Room
Light colours reflect light to give it a larger feel. Stick to light pastels and avoid dark colours, and stick to monochromatic colours. This means you don't want an accent wall in a different or contrasting colour--this will make the room feel more cramped.

You might consider painting the ceiling a dark color, though. This diverts the eye upward, which tricks the mind into perceiving a higher ceiling.