holiday cookiesThe holidays are the perfect time to bake cookies to share with your friends and family. If you’re looking to give an edible gift this year, try creating your own cookie bundles from scratch. Gather your new and old recipes and get down to baking! Although you have traditional round shaped cookies, you can make your cookie bundle more festive by picking out some different cookie cutters to use. Think Santa, candy canes, reindeers, stars or buildable house cookie cutters to create a variety in your cookie bundle. You may also want to pick up a baking mat, cookie tray and an icing bag if you don’t already have them.

Once you’re finished baking your cookies, be sure to decorate with icing sugar to create stunning edible designs. Sugar cookies are usually quite easy to decorate with icing, as are gingerbread. When all your cookies are baked and decorated, place them in a festive cookie jar or a cellophane bag complete with a bow, and you have the perfect gift to give a sweet tooth!
Holiday Cookies
1. Trudeau La Patisserie Silicone Baking Mat with Measurements
2. Danesco Santa Cookie Jar
3. 3D House Shaped Cookie Cutter
4. 3D Reindeer and Sleigh Shaped Cookie Cutters
5. The Cookie Cutter Set
6. Santa Claus Cookie Cutter
7. Ricardo Moose Shape Cookie Cutter
8. La Patisserie Non-Stick Cookie Sheet 15 x 10
9. Trudeau La Patisserie Star Shaped Cookie Cutters
10. 3D Church Cookie Cutter
11. Jolly Snowman Serving Platter
12. Ricardo Pastry Bag with Assorted Tips