Whether you’re hosting a themed party or you’re just looking to add some festivity to your home, why not try some of these simple and sophisticated ways to decorate this Halloween? All it takes are a few key pieces...in orange and black, of course :)

1. Add A Statement Piece
Invest in key pieces of furniture, pillows or throws in black or orange for your living room. Adding the holiday’s colour into the room is an easy way to make it look and feel more festive. Opt for transitional pieces that you can use all year round!
1. Domani Swivel Ottoman – Available, here.
2. Mongolia Sheep Fur Cushion Collection – Available, here.
3. Louis XV Style Maurice Chair – Available, here.
4. Tangle Decorative Cushion – Available, here.

2. Create A Halloween Table Or Mantle
Instead of decorating an entire room, focus on a single table, ledge or mantelpiece and go all out! Line the table with an orange linen of your choice, use vases and glass jars to hold small Halloween paraphernalia, candy or gourdes and fill the table out with ornate pillars and orange candles.
1. Candleholder 14’’ – Available, here.
2. Lampe Berger Bon Bon – Available, here.
3. Short Smoke Mirror Angled Cone Vase/Candle Holder – Available, here.

3. Decorate With Quirky Halloween Decorations
Nothing says Halloween more than things like pumpkins, black cats and spiders. Stock up on a few quirky items and use them as the focus in your Halloween decorating. No need to go overboard… a few spooky items is enough to get the point across!
1. Home Scented Collection Gracious – Available, here.
2. Etched Tree Vase – Available, here.
3. Nachtmann Zoo Owl – Available, here.

4. Get Inspired
In need of some more Halloween decor ideas? Check out these amazing spaces:
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Halloween Decor via