You’ve probably still got your summer decor out, but as the days get colder and the leaves begin to change, it’s starting to feel more and more like fall. Which means it’s time to start thinking about your fall decor! Making the transition from summer to fall decor can feel harsh and abrupt. Here’s how you can make the transition smoothly and start getting your home ready for the fall season. 

Clear Out the Summer Stuff
The first step in making the transition to fall decor is to clear out anything that screams summer. If it’s not something you would keep out for every day decor, put it away. Clearing out the summer items and starting fresh with your everyday decor will help you get back to a neutral place between seasons. 

Keep it on the Simple Side
As you start to incorporate little bits of fall into your home, keep it simple. There is no need to go all out the first day. Add little by little as the seasons change so by the time fall is here full swing you’re all set. 

Add Lots of Neutral Colors
Neutrals are the common denominator in all seasonal decor. They go great with every colour scheme and they can help the transition go more smoothly. Start incorporating more neutrals into your home, but opt for fall textures like knits, woods and other cozy elements.

Save the Fall Themed Items
Leave your pumpkins and your fall leaves packed away and opt for the less obvious pieces at the start of fall. Add a warm mustard toned throw or some rust coloured cushions. Opt for the things that remind you more of the changing of the seasons and less of Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Add Greenery and Natural Elements
Take notes from nature and add greenery and other natural elements to your home. Start soft green elements and as the leaves change, start moving more into the warm oranges and reds of fall. Remember you can always add in whites and other neutrals to help the transition along.