Summer is the perfect time to fire up the grill, enjoy the outdoors and have a BBQ! Here are some tips and tricks on how to throw the ultimate summer BBQ your friends and family are sure to enjoy. 

Set the Mood
BBQs are a ton of fun, but you’ve got to set the mood. Choose a day that’s warm but not too hot so everyone will be comfortable outside. If it is a hotter day, make sure you have a place for guests to get out of the sun like umbrellas for shade or indoor space to hang out. 

Pick a playlist to set the vibe. Something chill but still upbeat should do the trick. If you’ve got a wide range of ages, opt for something more family-friendly or even acoustic. Set the music at a lower volume so guests can chat without shouting over one another. You can always turn the music up as the evening progresses.

Make it Comfortable
Lounging outside can be quite uncomfortable without the right setup. Opt for fashionable and comfortable patio furniture to give guests a place to sit down and relax. The more seating the better, that way nobody is fighting over chairs. Make sure you also have plenty of spaces for plates so nobody is balancing their food on their lap

Have a Variety of Food
Traditionally BBQs are all about hotdogs and hamburgers. Give your guest options with a variety of food including something for friends who might have dietary restrictions. Put out plenty of fresh fruit and salads for people to graze on if meat and chips aren’t their thing. 

If you want to skip the traditional BBQ foods, try making something like shish-kabobs, grilled chicken, or even blackened salmon. If you’re looking for some hot summer recipes check these out

Mix Up the Drinks
Skip the beer and soda and try something fun like a sangria pitcher or custom cocktails. Pick someone to play bartender for the night and have fun with the drinks. Your guests will thank you for not just having warm beer and flat soda. Make sure to have some virgin cocktails for underaged guests or those who don’t drink. Fruity lemonades or flavourful iced teas are a great option as well.

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