New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to gather with friends and family. However, you might be hesitant to throw a party if you’re already strapped for cash (holiday shopping can definitely put a dent in your budget). Don’t worry! There are tons of ways to throw a fantastic New Year’s bash on a budget! Read on for 5 ways to keep your party budget in check and don't miss our brand new NYE Party video and fabulous cocktail recipes.

1. Send Out Free Evites
Long gone are the days when it was required to send out party invitations by mail. It’s so much easier (and cheaper) nowadays to just send out evites to your guests. Use a free service to give your friends and family all of the details of the event (time, place, etc.). Skip buying expensive paper invitations and paying for postage, and go this route instead!

2. Have A Potluck Dinner
It can be super expensive to buy all of the party supplies and food for your guests. Instead, suggest having a potluck dinner. On the evites, have your guests sign up for items to bring to the party (like dessert and beverages). Then, instead of trying to figure out how to stretch your budget, you’ll have money left over to buy a really great entrée or some nice champagne for when the clock strikes midnight!

3. Buy Inexpensive Decorations
No party is complete without decorations... we're talking balloons, streamers, fun stir sticks, glassware, and tableware. With our Boxing Day sales going on, you're sure to find great items at even better prices! (Use promo code EXTRA25 to save an additional 25% off any single regular priced item) To add a festive touch, put out a chalkboard or bristol board, so your guests can write down their New Year’s resolutions.

4. Buy In Bulk
When it comes to food/alcohol, consider purchasing it all at the same time in bulk – you’ll be able to get a bigger quantity without spending too much more. Very often items like champagne glasses come in a set so you can get more for less. (Get a set of 4 classic champagne glasses for only $13.46!)

5. Use A Free Streaming Service For Music
Set a celebratory mood with some festive tunes. Don’t worry about hiring an expensive DJ or downloading songs. Just use a free streaming service (like Songza) for your music. It’s okay if a few commercials play every now and again – your guests will be having way too much fun to notice!

Have fun and keep your eye on the clock!

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