Did you know tea has become the second most consumed beverage in the world? Drinking tea is not only comforting but also comes in a large variety of flavours. Whether you like to drink it iced or hot, there are many different preparation methods and infusing tools to help you serve that perfect cup of tea. Let's take a look:

Colourful Teapot
Perfect to share tea, this colourful teapot from Maxwell & Williams is not only elegant, but practical! It has an integrated filter and can withstand really hot water. Available in 5 splendid colours, it's most definitely one of our favourites! Get it for $22.95, here.TeaTime1 (1)TeaTime2 (1)
Tea Cup
Stir up your next get together with this white and classy Bistro tea cup. Simply add your tea to the integrated porcelain filter and let it infuse the hot water. Get it for $19.95, here.

Mister Tea
Mister Tea makes infusing your tea an effortless task. Simply hook the green arms on the lid of your cup (from the inside) and let it work it's magic! His lower half is a filter while his upper half is made of heat-resistant silicone. Makes for an original gift for all tea lovers :) See more similar items, here.TeaTime5 (1)TeaTime6 (1)Tea Infuser with Lid
Serious tea drinkers arm themselves with the best and most crucial tea accessories, and the Trudeau Tea Infuser with Lid is such an item. All you need to do is put your tea inside the strawberry-shaped infuser and place it in your favourite cup. The set also includes a silicone lid and is available in a variety of colours. Plus, it is dishwasher & microwave safe. Get it for $5.95, here
The double-wall tea glass from Trudeau is available here.
Visit Trudeau’s website for more info on tea and its health benefits, here.

How do YOU infuse your tea?