There’s nothing quite like the aroma and ambiance of a freshly lit candle to set the tone in your home. Candles are a great way to warm up any room and make it feel cozier and more inviting. We’ve done a round up of our top ten candles to share with you, along with some tips and tricks for picking the perfect scent, candle styling and using your candles. 

Picking the Perfect Scent
Candles are a form of home decor, both in their aesthetic and in their scent. The scent of a candle can help to pull a room together and should be cohesive with your style. With this in mind it’s important to consider all the candles you have in a room or adjoining rooms. The scents should compliment one another as not to create an overwhelming blend of scents. 

Candle scents are also usually based on seasonality. Florals and fruity scents for spring and summer, rich woodsy scents for fall and classic holiday scents for winter time. Of course you don’t have to follow the trends of the season, if you wish you can opt for more neutral scents for everyday use.

Styling Your Candles
As we mentioned, candles are a great addition to your home decor. Choose candles that are potted in a style that matches your decor style to create a cohesive look. Most people think they have to place candles only in burnable spots, but an unburnt candle or a lidded candle can look great styled on a shelf or in a nook to be brought out and placed on a better surface when burned.

Using Your Candles
Don’t forget to trim your wicks before lighting a candle. This will help your candle burn more evenly, and reduce the amount of smoke your candle puts off. Opt for a long lighter or match to light your candle and avoid burning your fingers. Lastly, once your candle has burned down evenly to a thin liquid layer, blow it out. Burning it any further means wasting wax. Allow it to harden and cool before lighting it again for optimal scent. 


  1. Lacquered Glass Scented Candle Collection by Maison Berger Paris
  2. Clarity Scented Candles Collection by Maison Berger Paris
  3. Liberation Marzipan Scented Candle in Bottle
  4. Jonathan Adler Muse Scented Candle - Imperial Green Tea
  5. Scented Candle Chocolate Fudge Cake in Large Glass Jar by Maison Berger Paris
  6. Michael Aram Anemone Candle
  7. Vanilla Amber Aromatherapy Jar Candle
  8. Liberation Citrus and Cranberry Scented Candle
  9. Folia 3-Wick Candle
  10. Large Classic Linen Scented Candle