It’s easy to feel hot and stifled in bed during warm seasons. Whether you wake up sweating or find yourself kicking off heavy sheets and blankets, it might feel as though bedding has no real use or place when it’s hot out. But warmer weather shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the luxurious comfort of a full bedding collection; with cool, clean whites and the right materials, you can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep no matter the temperature. Here’s how.

Trade your heavy duvet or comforter with a lighter one.

It might sound crazy to sleep with a comforter or duvet when the weather gets warm. But it’s really not; layers are great to have on an unexpectedly breezy night, especially during the spring when temperatures are more variable. And even still, some sleepers can’t separate themselves from their duvets even when it’s hot!

If you want an easy start to clean, white bedding in the warmer season, try the Empress Duvet and Pillow Collection. This set takes care of all of the basics and is made from breathable cotton (we’ll talk more about materials below). The material also eliminates odor, which is great for nights with heavy perspiration.

If you just want a duvet, try a Micro-Fibre Duvet. This duvet is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, so it’s perfect for the springtime when many are plagued by allergies.

Add Texture to your Bedroom Design with a Coverlet

Warm weather shouldn’t keep you from using a coverlet. These linens often feature beautiful quilted designs that add texture or a subtle design to the overall look of the bed. They basically serve as a “finishing touch” on the look. With a white coverlet, you can add texture to your bed’s visual appeal in a versatile, neutral way. Go with a lightweight coverlet for a nighttime chill; you can always decide to take it off during a heat wave.

One of the best coverlets for warmer weather is the Waffle Quilted Coverlet Collection. This white coverlet has a beautiful quilted texture and is 100% cotton. This allows for breathability which keeps you cooler at night. Also worth a recommendation is the Star Coverlet Collection. It’s also 100% cotton but has a relatively featureless design unlike the quilted texture of the other.

Go All-Natural for Added Comfort

You might have noticed that a lot of the recommended items above are made of cotton. Natural fibers like cotton, linen and even bamboo have wicking properties that draw moisture from your body, thereby providing a cooling effect. They’re also breathable, keeping you comfortable for all seasons of the year, including the warmer months.

If you need a sheet upgrade, try the Lux 500 Thread Count Sheet Set. This cotton sheet set will keep you comfortable no matter the temperature, and choosing pure white will contribute to a sense of cool cleanlines. On the other hand, the Bamboo Rayon Sheet Collection is a little more chic. With a texture that’s cool to touch, this sheet set—in white and other colours—is a wonderful choice.

Have Extras of Everything On-Hand

If you don’t have the free time to wash as often as you’d like, have some extra pillows, pillow cases and sheets on-hand. We’ve detailed bedding options above, so let’s discuss pillows and pillow cases you might want to keep handy.

The MicroGuard Supreme Pillow is an excellent choice of pillow for spring because it’s hypoallergenic. Its special material guards against mildew and microbes, so you can rest easy even in humid climates. Want to give any pillow in your room these benefits? Cover it with the MicroGuard Surpreme Pillow Protector, which is easy to slip on and off and clean. Finally, the Charmeuse Silk Pillowcase is made of silk and feels cool and luxurious.