You may have seen the words “Lampe Berger” floating around when exploring fragrances. You may have even purchased some, but how much do you really know about this fragrance experience? We’re here to break it all down for you with an inside look. 

History of Maison Berger
Originally designed over 120 years ago in 1898 to purify the air in hospitals, this small catalytic lamp was actually created by a pharmacy dispenser named Maurice Berger. It quickly became popular with the general public. 

The style was redesigned by several famous designers and a perfume function was added, thus forming the style icon we know today with its sleek design and delightful fragrances. 

Modern Lampe Berger
Modern day designs come in all shapes and sizes but all are artfully designed to hold your favorite scents. Many of the modern day styles are inspired by war-era perfume bottles that are both vintage and timeless. 

How Does it Work?
You fill it about half way with your fragrance, light the burner and let it burn for just a couple of minutes. Then you will gently blow out the flame and replace the top. Now delightful fragrance is slowly drifting through the room making your home spell spectacular while purifying the air at the same time.

Why Lampe Berger?
Unlike a traditional candle your Lampe Berger doesn’t have an open flame for more than a few moments. Thus making it safe to leave unattended. Lampe Berger also offers unique notes and fragrances you can’t get from your everyday air freshener. Lampe Berger styles look wonderful in every home and you can keep refilling them to reduce waste. 

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