Before the chilly weather sets in, dress up your bed with some fall favourites and comfortable accents for the season. Here are some of our picks for fall bedding essentials to keep you warm and cozy through the night.

Have the Proper Duvet
Since Fall is a shoulder season with variable temperatures, go for a duvet that’s versatile and usable at any time of year. Some great choices include:

Wrap Yourself in Knitted Throws
Knitted throws don’t just provide warmth—their texture can provide a decorative accent to your bed that’s perfect for cozying up in the Fall. You could toss a single throw blanket on the bed, but we recommend layering for maximum comfort. You can always remove layers if it’s too warm. Some great knitted throws we recommend are:

Enjoy a Classic Quilt
Nothing is cozier than a good quilt. Just like the knitted throws mentioned above, quilts add some much-needed texture and decor to the bed. Whether you’re adding a decorative blanket or one that’s pure white, a quilted blanket is sure to whisk you away to an excellent night’s sleep. Quilted blankets we enjoy include:

Warm Up with Fur
Finally, embrace some furry accents for soft, plush comfort. Even if you don’t consume animal-sourced products, faux fur can be a great way to cozy up the bed this autumn. And the possibilities are endless: blankets, cushions, rugs and more can all be enjoyed with fur. Some of our favourite furry finds are: