Picture Frames
In the modern world we live in, snapping photos has never been easier, but where do these photos go? Unfortunately, many of us leave these great captured memories locked away on our computers (or even worse- hidden on our smartphones). When was the last time you developed some of your personal photos? While some photos will never be printed (ahem, embarrassing selfies), there are still photos that you may want to display for your friends and family to see. You could pull them up on your computer digitally, but there is a certain charm that comes with displaying them around the house.

The key to picking out perfect displays for your photos is to decide what exactly you’re framing and where you’d like to place it. Here are a few ideas to get you started and check out our full collection of picture frames, here.

1) The Space Saver
Let’s say you have a bunch of pictures you want to display but you just don’t have the table space. What do you do? Pick a frame that holds multiple photos in a cluster and hang it directly on the wall! Not only do you get a great gallery, but you get a piece of wall art that can brings back all your favourite memories!

Umbra Hangit Photo Display

Picture Frames Montage Photo Display Black

Picture Frames Umbra Huddle frame collection

Luna Photo/Art Display White

2) Spread The Love
Show off your love for someone or something by placing their picture in a frame adorned with hearts. Delicate heart frames or frames with graphic hearts deliver the message of love in style.

Michael Aram Heart Photo Frames

U Love Frame 4"x 6" Black

3) A Growing Family
Have a growing family or do know someone with one? Chances are, you’ll want to display pictures of your loved ones as they grow and experience new adventures. Family tree style photo frames perhaps cliché, but undeniably appropriate for capturing your family’s best moments.

Laurel desk frame

Laurel Desk Frame

4) A Wedding Memory
Your wedding is likely one of the most photographed days in your life. Displaying wedding pictures, engagement pictures, or even a wedding invitation will always remind you of the special moments throughout your wedding day. Picking frames with intricate details are a great way to draw your viewer into your beautiful wedding moments and they are great as a gift to yourself, or someone else celebrating their special day!

Kate Spade Belle Boulevard Frame

Kate Spade Grace Avenue Frame

5) More Modern
If you love a more modern look, go for one of these stylish options. Which is your favourite?

Picture Frames Prisma Picture Frame Collection

Michael Aram Gooseberry Frame

Picture Frames Dkny City Taxi Frame

Kate Spade Portland Place Picture Frame