Summer is coming up, which means it’s time for a seasonal bedroom refresh. Reinventing the bedroom for the summer season is relatively simple: it’s just a matter of introducing new colours, opening the windows and adding a few accessories here and there to your taste. Basically, you’re trying to set a warm, fun atmosphere that embraces nature and displays artifacts of the season.

To inspire your next bedroom project, we’re mapping out the main areas you’ll want to focus on to liven up your bedroom this summer.

Start with a Palette
There’s two stellar colour palettes for the summer: warm tones using yellows and oranges, or a cooler nautical look using blues and white. Of course, you can mix and match; pastel orange and blue make an interesting contrast that’s still easy on the eyes, pulling off a vibrant effect that’s perfect for the season.

Once you’ve chosen a set of colors, select textiles and linens that match. Obviously, bedding is a great place to start—from blankets to duvets to pillows—but you’ll also want to get curtains and an area rug to match. If you keep a bench at the foot of the bed, don’t forget a complimenting cushion!

Let There Be Light
There’s no better time for fun in the sun than the summer, so maximize sunlight this season! We generally enjoy natural light over artificial, and sheer curtains invite the sunlight in (and can even help you wake up on a sunny morning). You can shop our sheer curtains here.

Because the sun might not reach your bedroom all day, you’ll need a good lamp or two as well. Try something that is either light and airy, or built from natural materials—either suffices for summer. We recommend light dimmers, too, so you’re not kept awake when relaxing before going to bed. Shop our lighting collection, here.

Set the Mood
Summer is a season for thriving energy, so celebrate by adding some plants to your bedroom! Artificial plants work well if all you want is a natural “look,” but living plants are great for truly freshening up a space for the season. Succulents, air plants and cacti are small, hardy and enjoy the warmth. They’re also easy to care for and come in a variety of colours and shapes. If you have a garden, don’t hesitate to put some fresh-cut flowers on display! See a few of our favourites, here, here, and here

Scents go a long way in bringing a room up-to-date on the season, too. Dab your pillow with a soothing, summery scent, or use an aroma from Lampe Berger—like their beachy Ocean Breeze.

Finally, come up with a theme to further add character to your room with knickknacks and tchotchkes. Travel is a great theme for the summer, so break out your old souvenirs! Alternatively, a nautical look with driftwood, seashells and sand fits the season well, too.

Now Enjoy!
Cool down at the end of a long, hot day with a bedside drink and some reading. With a tray or plate to hold a bottle and glass on the bed (or nightstand), you can sip a refreshing cocktail or lemonade for an evening nightcap.