Self-care is essentials for a healthy, balanced life. Most of us aren’t really doing much in the way of true self-care and if we are it’s often not enough. It doesn’t matter if you have a whole weekend, just a day or only a few hours. Self-care comes in all shapes and sizes but the most important thing is doing it and doing the most you can. 

Here are some ways to elevate your self-care routine to make sure you’re making the most out of your self-care time and doing things that are really good for your mind and body.

♥︎ Unplug - for most of us the majority of our days are spent looking at a screen. If it’s not a computer screen it’s a phone, a TV, or some other device. Even when we unwind we are plugged in, available at the drop of a hat, and staring at a screen. Put down the devices, even if just for a few hours, and really unplug. Take a walk, read a book, or do some yoga. Spend some time just being with your own thoughts. 

♥︎ Relax - when life gets busy, it’s easy to pass off chores and work as relaxation time. You think that because you’re watching TV while you fold laundry it’s relaxing, but it’s not. Take some time to truly relax, doing whatever it is you enjoy. Skip the chores, skip the work, it will be there when you’re done, but for now, just relax.

♥︎ Pamper Yourself - self-care is physical just as much as emotional and mental. Your body needs pampering. Do a full skin-care routine, enjoy a mani-pedi or get a massage, and if you want to do some pampering right at home, have a home spa day. Get a cozy robe, some fuzzy slippers, some bath products, and a nice candle, and enjoy some you time. 

♥︎ Relieve Stress - self-care isn’t just face masks and bubble baths. It’s important to relieve some of your stress. Pick an activity that helps you relieve stress, but don’t put any pressure on yourself. If you like to exercise, do a workout just for fun. Don’t worry about setting a personal record on your run or how much weight it will help you lose. Do the activity just to enjoy it and burn off a little steam.

♥︎ Repeat - maybe the most important part of self-care is to make it a routine. Try to find time in your week to get in your self-care and make it a priority. Just like physical health, mental health stress relief and relaxation are vital for a healthy life.