There’s a million things to remember when getting ready for back to school. What do kids really need? What will be helpful for them when they are learning? Here’s a list of 10 essential items to make the return to learning a little easier, plus some tips to get you ready.

  • Buy School Supplies Early - When back to school season hits, it’s a mad dash to the stores and online to get the latest school supplies. School supplies are already out, so snag yours early so you can guarantee you're getting what your kids need. This will also help ensure you can get everything on time, even if you have to wait for shipping or items to come back in stock.
  • Start Planning Outfits - If you’ve got little ones who don’t pick their own clothes yet, save yourself some time by cataloging their wardrobe and picking out a bunch of outfit combinations. Take photos or notes and save the combos in your phone for easy dressing in the morning.
  • Get Back on Schedule - Don’t wait until the night before school starts to get back to normal schedule. Start sending the kids to bed a little earlier every night until they are going to bed at the time they will be during school. Additionally, wake them up a little earlier each morning until you’ve reached their school day wake time.
  • Make the Most of Summer - Getting prepped for back to school can be helpful for little ones to adjust and it can make your life easier as a parent, but don’t forget to enjoy your summer! School will be waiting in the fall, so get out and enjoy the sunshine and make memories with your family.


  1. Foodie Lunch Tote
  2. Sanitizer Gels for Kids
  3. Evelina LED Desk Lamp
  4. Ma Vie Ma Maison Large Notebook by Saskia
  5. Reusable Kids Size Water Bottle
  6. Reusable Snack Bags
  7. Neoprene Pencil Case
  8. Natural Brushed Ellipse Insulated Travel Mug
  9. Delonghi Dedica DeLuxe Espresso and Cappuccino Machine
  10. Portable Blender