When thinking about vacation, it’s almost natural to imagine a soothing beach scene. Although soothing beach scenes are predominantly associated with cooler softer palettes, beach scenes can also be recreated with warmer tones. It all comes down to personal preferences and what kind of mood you want to create in your own bedroom. As beach scenes are always popular choices for bedrooms for their soothing, relaxing and up-lifting feel, we will demonstrate two different ways to recreate a beach scene room.

Look 1: Mediterranean Beach
If you have trouble unwinding and relaxing when comes the time to rest, the contrast of a deep Mediterranean Blue balanced with warmer sand colours will create a perfect harmony that will help you do both. Greenish blues are usually perceived as more hospitable whereas true blues and deeper blues will encourage meditative thinking. Here are some accessories that will help you recreate our Mediterranean Beach feel in your own room.
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Look 2: Beach Sunset
If your bedroom also serves as a home office it is very important that you balance the cooler shades of blue with warmer and brighter colours like orange; it will ultimately help you meet your deadlines and be more productive when working in your room. Also, if you have trouble getting up in the morning, a pop of orange will help you get out of bed and feel positive about the new day as orange is usually perceived as warm, nurturing and inviting.
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