The tufted chair is the rare piece of furniture that confidently straddles the line between comfort and style. Button-tufting provides subtle visual interest and a sense of class, while the cushioning invites guests to sit back and relax, or beckons as a cozy spot to curl up and read a book. With its versatility in fabrics, shapes and colours, tufted chairs are the perfect choice to pack a punch to any living space.

How to Decorate with a Tufted Chair

  • Consider the purpose of the living space. Will the space be used on a daily basis, or only occasionally? If your space is used regularly, ensure the fabric of the tufted chair is durable and resistant to stains.
  • Consider the size of the tufted chair in relation to the scale of the room and existing furniture. Placing a tufted chair that is too wide or large in a small room will diminish the other pieces in the room.
  • Consider the textures in the room. Since a tufted chair has a lovely plush texture, consider layering other textures such as silky cushions, a furry rug, or a rustic wooden table. Have fun playing with textures!

Here are some great ways to incorporate a tufted chair — what ever your style may be:

1. Grand Entrance
The large white tufted chair works wonders in this airy, classical foyer. The bright yellow accents provide a pop of color, while the soft chair invites visitors to rest their weary feet.


2. Contemporary Living Room
Mixing up pieces of furniture creates a casual, contemporary look and prevents your living room from looking too ‘cookie-cutter’. The warm earth tones used throughout the room tie the different pieces together. The brown tufted chair with matching ottoman is the perfect place to curl up beside a blazing fire.


3. Traditional Kitchen
Typically when we think of kitchen chairs, we think wooden, or boxy. Family dinners just got a lot better with these patterned tufted chairs which add a nice texture and invite guests to linger and chat over a shared meal.


4. Mediterranean Living Room
We love the warm colours in this Mediterranean-style living room. The brown leather tufted chairs provide a nice contrast to the striped couch and lend a rustic feel to the room.


5. Romantic Bedroom
The satiny curtains, the gauzy drapes and the soft tufted furniture all add a touch of romance to this bedroom. The monochromatic color scheme and varying textures create an elegant look. All that’s missing is a bottle of wine and some white roses.


6. Old World Living Room
Not only is this room styled in traditional furnishings, the placement of the four tufted chairs inwards is classic — great for intimate conversations with friends. The ornate mirror provides depth and the dark wooden coffee table centers the room.


A few of our favourites:

1. Elegant Chair
We love this modern take on the tufted chair. This high-back chair is made of durable eco-leather making it both durable and stylish.
Available, here.

2. Elegant Chair with Silver Sheet Finish
Nothing says elegance like this white tufted chair with silver sheet armrests. The chair is made of eco-leather for easy care.
Available, here.

3. Solid Wood Bench
The silver fabric adds subtle sheen while the nail-studded trim provides a nice touch. Try placing this sturdy bench at the foot of a bed or along an entrance way.
Available, here.

4. Langley Transitional Club Chair
The black leather club chair is made for comfort and is a great addition to a den or living room. The metal studs add a contemporary touch.
Available, here.

5. Domani Swivel Ottoman
This fun and functional ottoman is the perfect place to rest your weary feet. Comes in red and orange.
Available, here.

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