Winter means more time spent indoors and right now especially we are spending all our time in our homes. Use these colder months to improve your home with these four home projects that are easy to complete and will have your home feeling fresh and renewed in the new year!

1) Declutter 
Kick off your home projects with some decluttering. Empty all your drawers, cabinets and closets and sort things into four piles.
Keep - The items you keep should be things you use often or find sentimental value in.
Donate / Gift - Donate or give away items that are no longer used, have been outgrown or that you have duplicates of.
Repurpose - If you can find a way to repurpose an item and have it function well in your home that’s a great thing to do, plus it will feel like you have a brand new item!
Toss - Throw out or recycle anything that is broken and cannot be fixed or items that cannot be reused by someone else.

2) Organize
Now that you’ve pared-down your collection of stuff it's time to get organized. Make sure every item has a home and if it doesn’t find it a home or think about if you truly need to keep it.

Invest in storage solutions for every room in your home to get ultra organized. Things like storage baskets, shelving units, drawer inserts and food storage containers are a great way to get started. If you’re looking for more tips on organization check out this organization guide.

3) Paint
One of the easiest winter home projects to tackle is a fresh coat of paint. New paint will have things looking and feeling fresh and new in no time. Some great ways to use paint to up your style are:

- Paint your front door
- Paint an accent wall in your home
- Paint an entire room
- Refinish and paint old furniture
- Freshen up baseboards, window sills and door frames

A little paint goes a long way and it can do wonders for your home. Not sure you want to tackle something big? Get a small sample can and test out a small piece before committing to something like a whole room.

4) Rearrange
If you’ve been thinking about swapping the layout of a room or maybe switching the function of a room all together, winter is the time to do it. Make that home office or move one of the kids into the old guest room. No matter what your project is, make the time to do it because you’ll feel so much better. If you need new linens, lamps, rugs or other decor for your new space Linen Chest has you covered.

Whatever home projects you decide to tackle this winter make the most of your home with all the essentials from Linen Chest