We all dream and when we do dream, it can leave us wondering what it all means. As you snuggle into your cozy bed, you never know what dream awaits you but these fun dream facts will certainly make dreaming a lot of fun nonetheless.

We Rarely Remember Our Dreams
That moment when you wake up and know that you have had a brilliant dream but cannot remember anything about it can prove frustrating but it is normal. In fact, 9 out of 10 dreams we have we forget, so the next time you remember a dream, treasure it!

We Only See Faces We Know
Even though our dreams are completely fictitious, we still see faces we know. So, the mind does not create faces but instead, it will use the faces of people we have seen. This is not necessarily the people we know as it could mean someone you have simply walked past on the street.

Not all Dreams are in Colour
You might have had a really vivid dream that was captured in bright colour but this is not always the case. Around 12% of people actually dream in black and white. However, this figure was believed to be higher before the invention of colour television.

You Can Have Several Dreams a Night
If you wake up feeling as though your mind has been on a wonderfully, crazy journey throughout your slumber then there could be a reason for this. On average, you can have anywhere from four to seven dreams in one night.

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