As we all know, a wedding is one of life's most memorable moments.  For the bride, choosing her bridesmaids is an important decision because  not only will they be standing by her side on the big day, but being chosen also signifies that you are a special person in her life.  To show appreciation for all that a bridesmaid does,  some thought and effort must go into choosing a small gift to say 'thank-you'.

Here are some helpful tips:
1- Set a budget.  It is always easier to zone into a gift when you know your price range.
2- Try to choose a gift that has some meaning to all of the girls. Minor differences (ie. size, colour) can personalize it even further.
3- Decide if you want to try something original like tickets to a show or a day at the spa.
4- Ask yourself "Would I like to receive this gift?".  If the answer is yes, you are probably on the right path!

Here are 10 adorable bridesmaid gifts ideas:
1 - Aluminium Decor Leaf
2 - Radiance Trinket Box
3 - Feminine Nixon Watch
4 - Bridesmaid Idiom Bangle
5 - Kate Spade Elephant Bank
6 - Bow Necklace
7 - Handprinted Leather Wallet
8 - Perfume Bottle with Bulb Atomizer
9 - Michael Aram Molten Frame
10 - Tiffany's Chrome Ballpoint Pen

Are you a bride-to-be? What have you offered your girls? Let us know in the comments below!

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