Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to start transitioning from spring to summer home decor. Timing the decor switch can be tricky, but by choosing transitional pieces your home can look seasonally appropriate and refreshed! Here are some tips on transitioning between the two seasons as well as our picks for transition decor for your home.

1. Choose Your Style 

Identifying your personal style will help you pick pieces that fit your space the best. Maybe you like a more modern look, or maybe traditional style has your heart. Once you decide the style you like, it’s time to choose a colour palette. Sticking to a few main colours will help your home feel cohesive and put together. Don’t want to commit to just 2-3 colours? Opt for a shade range or pick between cool and warm tones. When you have a clear idea of what your style and colour palette are you can easily find items for any season that all look cohesive.

2. Go All in On Greenery 

Greenery is key in spring and summer. It helps to liven up the room and bring colour into neutral space. Plants and fresh flowers are wonderful in the spring and summer. And remember, there’s no shame in using faux plants in rooms that get minimal light or if you have trouble keeping plants alive. 

3. Opt for Evergreen Pieces 

If you like decorating with seasonal specific items, remember to balance them with more evergreen pieces. An evergreen piece should be able to be shown in any season without looking out of place. You can also opt for pieces that are evergreen to warmer months and some that are evergreen to cooler months so you’re only having to swap them once a year. 

4. Keep Neutral Undertones 

If you like a colourful home, that’s great! Just remember to keep some neutral bases so your items aren’t overwhelming. White, beige, black and gray can all act as neutrals to help balance the room and bring a more cohesive look. Having neutral base items will also help you to swap decor more easily and make the colours pop. 


home decor mood board, featuring a white flower vase, a light throw blanket, beige decorative cushion and a bed side table.

  1. Black Umbra Infinity Round Picture Frame
  2. Malia Accent Table
  3. Liano Cushion
  4. Helix Throw
  5. White Round Ceramic Vase


  1. White and Yellow Ceramic Vases Collection
  2. Bird of Paradise Plant in Pot 
  3. Multicolour Arya Cushion
  4. Tulip Bouquet
  5. Lounge Chenille Throw