1) Choose The Cheese
To create the perfect cheese board, pick one of each type of cheese (soft, semi-soft, semi-hard, and hard), add crusty bread and crackers to serve the cheese on and garnish with some fruits and nuts. For the fruits, you can pick fresh fruit (such as strawberries or figs), dried fruit (such as cranberries and apricots), or a sauce (such as chutney or compote). Nuts also provide a bit of crunch to a cheese board, popular favorites include candied walnuts or toasted hazelnuts.

When selecting the cheeses for your cheese board, either pick four cheeses that look interesting or for a themed board, choose cheese from one region, or from one animal such as cows, goats or sheep.

2) Choose The Board
To serve your cheese, a variety of surfaces will work including slate, marble or a wood cutting board, just make sure that it's large enough to fit all the cheeses plus garnishes. For optimal flavour, the cheeses should be served at room temperature so remove all cheese from the refrigerator one hour before serving. When assembling the cheese board, place the cheeses in order from mildest to boldest and add the garnishes in the spaces between the cheeses. Add bread and crackers at the end to help prevent them from becoming overly dry or stale. Finally place one cheese knife per cheese and if the cheese board is for a party, add labels to help guests identify each type of cheese.