If you've ever used silicone gadgets, you'll understand why it's become such a hot item in the kitchen. Many choose silicone because it is simple to use, has a non-stick material, and is super easy to hand clean (plus, it's dishwasher safe). Furthermore, silicone, unlike glass, can be used (and reused) at almost any temperature and has the capacity to move from sub-zero temperatures to 230 Celsius without damaging. On top of all of that, it does not retain stains or odours. Today, we've decided to share some of our favourite kitchen essentials that we know you'll just love! Press play and enjoy :)

Top 10 Silicone Kitchen Essentials

1. Silicone Lids
It’s time to stop wasting money on plastic wrap or aluminum foil and start using silicone lids! They seal on all smooth rims (round, square, rectangular etc.), create airtight and watertight seals for reheating and storing, and lastly, are oven, microwave, dishwasher and heat safe up to 480-500 degrees Fahrenheit. Read more on silicone lids, here.
Shop silicone lids, here.

2. Glass Drying Mat
Optimal stemware care demands hand washing, and this smart drying mat allows air circulation for minimal water spots.
Available, here.

3. Lekue Leki Steam Case
The Lekue Luki steam case optimizes steam cooking while intensifying flavours and maintaining nutrients. Because the steam case is small, various individual dishes (650ml capacity) can be prepared at the same time for a complete and balanced meal. The lids include compartments so food can be easily seasoned at the table.
Available, here.

4. Splatter Screen
Slotting straight over items you need to drain, this spatter screen is an ideal alternative to a sieve or a colander both of which are extremely difficult to clean, especially if you are cooking rice. This is not an issue with this silicone splatter screen.
Available, here.

5. Silicone Oven Mits
You can now cook safely with Trudeau Stay Cool silicone oven mitts. The practical zipper allows you to clean them efficiently.
Available, here.

6. Chocolate Mould
Your baking pan and cookware collection isn’t complete without a top notch silicone chocolate mould. Made of heat resistant silicone material, its shape is just the right size for nice sweet treats. Fall in love with creating fun desserts all over again!
Available, here.

7. Waffle Mould
Non-stick, flexible, and easy to use! Make 8 delicious waffles in a single batch with this 2-mould set. Make a sweet or savoury waffle batter and decorate the waffles in your favourite way.
Available, here.

8. Silicone Grip
Save your fingers from those hot handles with this easy to use silicone grip! Side opening concept designed to fit all types of handles.
Available, here.

9. Jar Opener
Sometimes jars are impossible to open. To sort out this problem, get yourself a Trudeau Silicone Jar opener. It opens jars with less effort and is adjustable to most sizes of bottle jars. The Trudeau Jar opener is easy to use, easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
Available, here.

10. Trudeau 3 in 1 Trivet Grip
This trivet can also be used as a jar opener and a spoon rest. Available in yellow, red and green. (Heat resistant 428°F-220°C)
Available, here.

12 Cup Muffin Mould
Butter it, bake it and pop it out! Make sure every cupcake is evenly baked with this grey and fuchsia silicone muffin mould from Trudeau. The integrated steel structure makes it easy and secure to handle.
Available, here.