One of the most wonderful parts of the holiday season is getting the opportunity to shower your loved ones with gifts. Acknowledging the roles they play in your life and seeing their joyous expressions upon receiving your presents feels like a gift in itself. But, don’t fall into the trap of stressing over gift-purchasing and giving this year. Use this guide to simplify the process and stay on track so you can enjoy the holidays fully.

1) Begin by Budgeting
No matter how much money you have at your disposal, you can purchase meaningful gifts at any price. To begin your holiday shopping, decide how much money you are able to put toward gifts for your family and friends.

Whether you have this money set aside currently or are planning to put away a portion of your paycheck every week to reach this amount, having this set savings will help you reach your goal and stay organized. Optimize this organization by having a designated notebook or notepad to track your budget and other gift-related information.

2) Plan Your Purchases Per Person
Once you have your budget set, make a list in your notebook of everyone you know you’ll be purchasing gifts for. If you know what you’d like to get them, jot it down next to their name. Or, if you’re unsure, shop around and make note of any good ideas you see.

Once you have your gifts picked out, write down the prices in your notes, and make sure you’re not overspending. If you go over budget, now is the time to search for less expensive alternatives before finalizing the purchases.

Another excellent tip is to keep track of when you’ll be seeing each person throughout the season. For those you’ll see prior to Christmas, order their gifts sooner; then, purchase other gifts later, depending on if you’ll spend the holiday with them or see them afterward. This will break up how you spend the money so you’re not making one large purchase all at once.

3) Keep Track of  Your Gifts
Your notebook will come in handy when you’ve ordered or picked up your gifts. If you purchase in-store, immediately write down what you’ve bought and for who when you get home.

For online orders, write down your confirmation code, what the item is, and when its estimated arrival is. Also, make note of the final price with taxes and shipping so that you know what to look for on your banking statement.

Gift-giving is a privilege and an incredibly thoughtful gesture that should be celebrated rather than stressed over. So, utilize these tips to streamline the process so that you can spend the holiday season enjoying festive films, quality family time, and seasonal treats. You’ll be happy to have one less task to check off your list.