Gender Neutral Toddler PartyAny event is a great opportunity to celebrate, style and impress your friends, so why not do something nice for someone and get some great photos to remember it? For an adorable little girl's 2nd birthday we knew we could do something simple, adorable, elegant and fun.Two is a big age for toddlers, a lot of milestones are happening and the little person they are is starting to show!

A big trend right now in baby & toddler decor is variations of grey as a base with pops of colour to accent. We chose dove grey with white to brighten it up while still remaining classy. We then used fresh blueberries and greenery to add natural pops.

The items and colour palette we chose are unisex so it’s a very versatile arrangement for a little boy or in this case, a little girl.

Happy birthday, Lizzie! We hope you enjoyed the cake :)


Gender Neutral Toddler PartyGender Neutral Toddler PartyGender Neutral Toddler Party


All items are available at a Linen Chest near you.