Stumped on what to get your dad this upcoming Father’s Day? If he’s one of the many dads toiling away in his man cave with the bros, then you’ve already got a good place to begin your hunt for the perfect gift. We’ve got several recommendations for gifts that would be perfect for dad’s favourite room in the house, so begin your search for the right gift here!

1) Bormioli Rocco Cassiopea 7-Piece Whiskey Set
This beautiful geometric decanter comes with six attractive tumbler glasses and a gift box, making it a wonderful and classy gift for a dad who loves to drink with the guys. It makes a handsome addition to your dad’s bar or sidebar.

2) Umbra Spikes Corkscrew
It’s a small thing, but this corkscrew takes a fun, whimsical shape evoking a cactus. With different tools attached, your dad can pop open a bottle, cut foil or screw out a cork with ease.

3) 18-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler
If your dad enjoys wine, a roomy wine cooler is a great addition to his man cave. Holding up to 18 bottles across two temperature zones, your dad can store and cool his whole collection with ease. Removable shelves and soft lighting make it easy to store and reach for any bottle inside.

4) Stainless Steel Bar Accessories
Help your dad step up his bar game with this immaculate set of beautiful, mirror-finish bar accessories. This set has everything he needs to entertain and mix drinks for his whole social circle.

5) Retro Tabletop Mini Foosball Game
Up for a game of foosball? Why not? This mini foosball game should fit easily in any man cave. Let dad show off his skills or rekindle a competitive streak with this game that’s easy to understand but tough to master.

6) Trudeau Lumina 3 in 1 Fondue Set
If your dad loves to eat, why not get him this handsome 3-in-1 fondue set from Trudeau? The copper exterior looks beautiful anywhere, and because the set works with cheese or chocolate, your dad can satisfy his sweet tooth or enjoy something more savoury.

7) Nostalgia Hot Dog Toaster
Let your dad make any game more enjoyable with perfectly toasted hotdogs. With a retro style evoking the good old days, this classy toaster looks as good on a shelf as it does on a kitchen counter, making it a great man cave gift.

8) Beam Desk Lamp
Is your dad’s man cave more like a study? If so, give him some sophisticated spot lighting with this fancy and masculine desk lamp. The gesture will leave him glowing!

9) Silver Ceramic Jack
If your dad appreciates fine tchotchkes, gifting some art is always a solid choice. We love this silver ceramic jack decor, which evokes memories of boyhood with a touch of class.

10) Bicycle Table Clocks
If your dad appreciates cycling, he’ll probably like this bicycle table clock as well. This sophisticated timepiece looks great on a bookshelf or work desk and is sure to appeal to a dad with erudite tastes.

11) Bookcase
We’ve suggested lots of little trinkets for your dad’s man cave, but where can he put them all? This bookcase has a chic and urbane look that’s sure to please, providing extra storage for dad to hold whatever objects he likes, from books to sports memorabilia to more.

12) Two-Tone Barstool
Father’s Day is as good a time as any to upgrade the seating at your dad’s bar. This two-tone barstool is striking and modern, and a natural fit in any environment.