Father’s Day is fast approaching. Are you prepared? Picking out the perfect gift for dad can be tough, but we’ve got more than a few suggestions for gifts that’ll work for any kind of dad. If you’re uncertain about what to get your dad for Father’s Day, start here.

1) Roomba 690 WiFi Connected Vacuuming Robot
Dads get a bad rap when it comes to chores and keeping the house clean. Whether your dad is a meticulous cleaner or prefers a more hands-off approach, treat him this Father’s Day to a gadget he’s sure to love: a wifi-connected Roomba vacuuming robot. This cute little bot will scour his whole home’s floors to keep it tidy.

2) Jerome Reclining Chair
Give dad a leg-up with this ultra-comfortable reclining powerlifting chair. It’s perfect for taking a load off after a long, stressful day, or even a quick snooze in front of the TV. Find it in black or brown to accommodate your dad’s particular taste.

3) The Smoking Gun by Breville
Being caught with a smoking gun is usually a bad thing, revealing one’s guilt in a crime. But this smoking gun from Breville is a must-have, allowing your dad to easily infuse a smoky flavour into BBQ, cocktails and sauces. The gun shape makes it easy (and safe) to use, making it the no-brainer gift for a dad who loves to cook.

4) Mixology Carafes by Artland
Is your dad a mad scientist behind the bar? If so, consider getting him a set of these Erlenmeyer shaped flasks -inspired carafes by Artland. It’s an attractive mix of whimsy and class, making it a good addition to your dad’s bar accessories or liquor cabinet.

5) Duo-Tempo Pro Espresso Machine by Breville
Gift the coffee dad in your life a new espresso machine. This Duo-Tempo Pro Espresso Machine from Breville will let your dad easily make the perfect cup of coffee in terms of smoothness and acidity. Because coffee is packed with several health benefits, giving dad the gift of coffee this Father’s Day is a smart choice.

6) Peugeot Whisky Tasting Set
This whisky glass is specially designed to accentuate all the subtleties of any whisky, making it the ideal gift for a dad with discriminate tastes. With a shape that enhances taste and flavour and a base that keeps drinks chilled, this set serves up the perfect glass of whisky on or off the rocks.

7) Diamond Light Weight Microfiber Robe

Treat your dad to some luxury with our Diamond Robe. Wrapping up in this light weight robe is the perfect antidote to a rough day, and dad will appreciate it.

8) 17-Piece Multi Blender
This 17-piece multi blender by CL CUISILUXE may be compact, but it certainly packs a powerful punch. With it, your dad will be able to easily whip up six cups of custom-blended juices. It’s a great (and easy!) way to lead a healthier lifestyle!

9) Salton Easy Deep Fryer
If the healthy lifestyle doesn’t suit your dad so well, try a deep fryer instead. This compact deep fryer by Salton makes it easy to fry meats, French fries and more safely and effectively.

10) Hopscotch Cushion
Finally, add a little comfort here and there with a good cushion or two. This Hopscotch Cushion is comfy yet masculine, making it a great addition to the living room sofa, bed or even the man cave.