We're huge fans of hammocks and hanging chairs. There's something really relaxing about rocking in the air, even if there isn't a beach view. Why not hang a hammock in your home or backyard? Once you get those feet up, you'll feel like you're on vacation. Here's some of our favourites:
1) Tropicalia Cacoon by Patricia Urquiola for MorosoHammock
2) Le Beanock (bean bag meets hammock)
3) Swingrest
4) Hanging Chair
Hanging Chair
5) Designed by Fabio Galeazzo
6) Hanging Outdoors

7) Cozy Hammock at Weranna's (a cool interiors shop in Finland)
8) An easy DIY kid's hammock - Wonderful idea!
Don't forget, a hammock is not complete without some cozy blankets and pillows :)
Blankets and Pillows
1) Faux Fur Throw
2) Faux Fur Cushions
3) Deco Pillow Silver Reindeer
4) Bold Stripe Faux Mohair Throw

See more cozy blankets, here.
See more decorative pillows, here.

Which of these hammocks would YOU want in your home? Let us know in the comments below.