Calling all egg lovers! Omelettes, scrambled, poached...what's your favourite style? Here's a round up of our favourite kitchen tools to make delicious eggs... however you love them!

1) Trudeau Yellow Silicone Whisk
Cook without any hassle with the new Trudeau yellow silicone whisk. This 28cm whisk is made of high-quality silicone and is ideal for non-stick surfaces. Plus, it's yellow... how fab!
$14.95 - Get it, here.

Trudeau Whisk
2) Egg Crate
Egg Crate, holds 6 eggs, white, porcelain.
$5.99 - Get it, here.
Egg Crate
3) Stainless Steel Egg Slicer
This great stainless steel egg slicer makes it easy for you to slice your eggs perfectly or to make 6 perfect wedges.
$14.99 - Get it, here.
4) Trudeau Silicone Egg Ring
Keep your kitchen clean and have fun cooking with the new Trudeau silicone egg ring. This kitchen tool will allow you to keep your eggs and pancakes under control.
$4.95 - Get it, here.
5) Danesco Poachpod
A truly unique and fun product, the Danesco Poachpod is a different way to perfectly poach your eggs. Its non-stick, malleable format lets you create the ideal poached egg every time. Simply let the product house your egg and float around in boiling water. Once the egg is poached to perfection, flip the poachpod over and turn it inside out to extract the egg. So easy, you’ll want to poach eggs all the time.
$14.95 - Get it, here.
6) Trudeau Silicone Egg Poacher
Here's another great gadgets for those who love poached eggs. Introducing the Silicone dual egg poacher! Heat resistant silicone to 482°F-250°C. Includes PP cover for microwave use.
$14.95 - Get it, here.
7) Danesco Mini Turner
For easy cooking, try our Danesco Mini Turners! They have thin flexible edges that easily glide beneath the food and are also equipped with study stainless steel handles. Ideal for cookies, eggs, pancakes and more... plus they come in fun colours :)
$2.99 - Get one, here.
Mini Turner
8) Chef'n Flip Slice Egg Masher
This handy tool slices hard-boiled eggs perfectly, then flips over to slice fresh mozzarella as well. The FlipSlice is designed with a divot on either side to hold food securely. Grip the comfortable handle and let the stainless steel tines slice with ease.
$14.99 - Get it, here.
9) Poachies Egg Poaching Bags
Egg-Poaching Bags are a brilliant new invention. They allow water to contact the egg, without the raw egg leaking into the water. Get proper water-poached eggs, perfect first time. Every time. Easy to use.
$7.95 - Get it, here.
10) Egg Plate
Serve in style! The Selene Egg Plate by Libbey has a fun design and a high rim for easy transportation. The plate holds 24 eggs.
$19.95 - Get it, here.
Egg Plate
11) Trudeau Silicone Single Egg Poacher with Handle
For poached egg lovers, the Trudeau silicone single egg poacher with handle is an ideal kitchen tool. Easy transportation from oven to table.
$4.99 - Get it, here.
Egg Poacher
12) Egg Separator
Here's a very convenient small size kitchen gadget! No more egg yolk in the egg white!
$3.99 - Get it, here.
13) Cuisinart Waffle and Omelette Grill
This list would not be complete without our Cuisinart Waffle and Omelette Grill. Simply load your ingredients in one side, close, flip and load ingredients in the other side. In a few minutes you’ve got breakfast for two! Omelette side can also make pancakes, frittatas, fried eggs, English muffins or pita bread.
$149.95 - Get it, here.
Waffle Omelette
Which gadget do you love the most? Let us know in the comments below :)