Let's face it, the last thing you want do in the morning is make your bed. In fact, there are a number of excuses we tell ourselves: It's just going to get messy again. It's difficult to do if you have a loft-style or bunk bed. It's ultimately inconsequential. You could get into bed faster at night if you didn't. The list goes on...

But since we're all striving for a cleaner, more organized and balanced life, we've pulled together six reasons why making your bed is worth the extra effort.

1) Time
Although it may seem like you're losing precious minutes, you could actually save more time if you get up and make your bed immediately. You'll save time used constantly pushing the snooze button since you won't want to go back to sleep and ruin perfectly straight sheets. The hardest part, though, is actually getting out of bed. And, seriously, it takes less than five minutes to do.

2) Money
No matter the cost, you've probably paid for bedding worth showing off. So why not make the most of money spent and display your sheets the way it was intended?

3) Appearance
You might argue that no one other than yourself sees your room anyway. But, a made bed can make a room look so much more inviting and serene -- to others and yourself. It also streamlines your room for a comfortable, less-cluttered look.

4) Cleanliness
Not only does it look less messy, but making your bed can prevent dust and dirt from getting underneath the covers during the day. Plus, blankets and duvet covers can help hide any clutter lurking beneath the bed. And if you can keep your bed neat, you can use it as a starting point for maintaining the cleanliness of the rest of your room.

5) Multi-purpose
You obviously use your bed for sleeping and relaxing, but with a clear made bed, you can also have a straightened surface area to tackle other chores like laundry. Additionally, a made bed can be a social place for you and others to play games or just relax without shoving the blankets to one side or sitting uncomfortably on top of a pile of wrinkled sheets.

6) Reward
It's the first finished task of the day that you can check off your list. And, although it may be minor, you can feel a small sense of accomplishment, which can help start you off feeling confident every morning and affect your self-esteem throughout the day. Additionally, it's a great habit to pass on to kids, if you have them. Finally, after a long and arduous day, nothing feels better than crawling under a freshly turned bed.

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