As the chimes ring and the new year commences people all over the world will be making their new year’s resolutions. It can be hard to come up with ideas sometimes, so how about keeping it simple and using these 11 tips to create a better life in 2019.

1. Find Your Priorities

Prioritize your days and make sure that the important things get done first if there is time, then you can squeeze in other stuff, if not, accept it and leave it for another day.

2. Say No More Often

With that in mind, make this the year you learn to say no. It is perfectly acceptable to say no to things that are not a good fit for you. Don’t be a people pleaser at your own detriment.

3. Exercise Daily

Fresh air is perfect for the soul, so get out and take a walk or go for a run this year. You do not have to exercise for hours, a quick session on the bike or the treadmill while catching up with Netflix is perfect.

4. Avoid Unnecessary Debt

Ask yourself if you really need to spend the money, and more importantly need whatever it is you intend to buy. By avoiding debt, you will help your stress levels and your bank balance.

5. Create a Sleep Routine

Spend the last half an hour before bed in lower light away from mobile devices and televisions that emit blue light. These string lights are perfect for resting your eyes and letting your brain prepare for sleep.

6. Meditate Everyday

Again, you only need 10 minutes to take time out for yourself, sit comfortably and wrap a blanket around your shoulders. Close your eyes and allow your brain to empty from the stress of the day.

7. Take a Social Media Break

Make a plan to leave your phone alone for at least an hour every day. Don’t check social media at meal times, focus on your family and social interaction with them.

8. Clean up Your Eating

Getting your five a day might be boring, but it does help the body stay healthy. Why not try juicing once a day, as it is much easier to get a load of fruit and veg down in one.

9. Learn to Love Lists

Making lists is a great way to stay organized and keep yourself on track. Start each day with a paper-based record or download an app that lets you itemize your to-do list, checking it off when done.

10. Declutter Your Space

If you haven’t worn it for a year, charity shop it. If you are drowning in home decor and ornament, declutter. It is easier to feel calm in a clutter-free space.

11. Stop and Smell the Flowers

As the song says, slow down you move too fast. Take some time to slow down as rushing here there and everywhere will only increase stress and dissatisfaction with the world.