Not being able to fall asleep quickly can be incredibly frustrating - especially if you’re watching the time pass into late hours of the night. 

We’ve put together some techniques that can help you fall asleep faster, allowing you to have more energy the next day. 

Try out these tips and tricks to get a few more zzzzz’s every night.

1. Consider Your Pre-Bed Routine
What you do leading up to bedtime has a huge impact on how quickly you’ll be able to fall asleep. Activities that stimulate your brain like watching TV can impact your sleep cycle. Instead of watching a movie or browsing your phone, try replacing those habits with a podcast or a book.

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2. Sip Some Tea
Effects of caffeine vary, but a good general rule is to avoid caffeine at least six hours before bedtime. Instead, opt for an herbal tea. Choosing a chamomile-based tea can help promote relaxation, which is good news for your bedtime. 

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3. Use Aromatherapy
If drinking tea isn’t really your thing, you can get similar benefits from aromatherapy. You can use an essential oil diffuser or choose the more old-school technique of spraying your face or pillow with soothing scents. Lavender, chamomile and damask rose are some of the best options. 

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4. Upgrade Your Bedding
Having a comfortable bed set up can have a huge effect on your sleep. The quality of your mattress, pillows and bedding are important for the quality and quantity of sleep you can get every night. If you’re not perfectly comfortable, it might be time to try something different. 

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5. Use a Weighted Blanket
Some people use a weighted blanket to help reduce stress. It can be a very soothing option that has a direct effect on your sleep.

6. Empty Your Brain 
Instead of dealing with racing thoughts every night, consider this simple trick to get them out of your head. If you grab a notebook and write down all of your “to do” lists, it will help empty your brain. The act of putting it down on paper will do wonders for calming your mind.

7. Practice Journaling
Another writing trick to fall asleep faster is the act of journaling. You don’t need to keep a diary, but spending 10 minutes every night writing down the day’s positive events can reduce stress and increase happiness. Writing down positive events means focusing on the positive, which can result in feelings of gratitude and relaxation.

8. Adjust the Temperature
Your body needs to cool down before you fall asleep and there are ways to help speed up this process. If your room is too warm, you can turn down the temperature of the house. Alternatively, you can “trick” your brain into getting ready for bed by having a warm shower or bath right before bed. As your body cools down from the shower, your brain might think your body is cooling down in preparation for sleep. 

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9. Work on Breathing Techniques
There are breathing techniques you can try in order to fall asleep faster. A popular one is the 4-7-8 method that is based on a traditional yoga breathing technique that relaxes the nervous system. Do a little research on various breathing techniques and try them out. 

The most important tip for falling asleep quickly is to get on a sleeping schedule and stick to it. It might be tempting to nap during the day and stay up all night, if you’re stuck in your house all the time. However, sticking to a routine is immensely beneficial for your sleep cycle and your mental health.