With wedding season in full-swing it can be a bit overwhelming navigating bridal registries to find the perfect gift. Even if you’re a bride, it can be just as stressful finding the right items to register for. Either way, we’ve decided to share a few good tips and guidelines to help both brides and guests make the most out of wedding registries.

1. Choosing dinnerware can be a bit overwhelming, when there are so many beautiful designs and styles to choose from. We suggest choosing a design with timeless appeal such as this collection that you can use for many years to come.

2. Similar to dinnerware, it is a good idea to choose flatware with a timeless look, but also keep in mind how it will compliment your dinnerware. We like the classic look of this cutlery set that also comes with a chest for easy storage.

3. There are bound to be many photographs worth framing after your wedding so it’s a good idea to register for picture frames. We like the classic look and chic bow on this Kate Spade picture frame.

4. When registering for kitchen gadgets and appliances, be sure to register for useful items that you will use for years to come. A panini grill is surprisingly versatile and makes it easy to create deli-style sandwiches at home.

5. Marriage is the start of a new chapter for many newly wed couples, which often also means buying a new home.  Be sure to register for decorative accents and bathroom accessories such as these that will make a house feel more like a home.

6. Perfect for the coffee-loving couple, this Nespresso coffee and espresso maker will be a part of many happy mornings for years to come!

7. Plush towels like these are so luxurious, which makes them such a perfect wedding gift. Be sure to register for towels that match your bathroom’s décor, otherwise neutral colours are the safest bet!